Game of Thrones: Waiting for the Wildlings

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 01 The Red Woman

At the Wall, The loyalists to Jon Snow are afraid of the mutineers and lock themselves in, with the exception of Edd, who leaves to get assistance from the Wildlings. The mutineers, led by Ser Alliser, surround the store-room and threaten to attack if they don’t open the door by nightfall.

SER ALLISER: You all know why you’re here. Jon Snow is dead.
MAN: Who killed him?
SER ALLISER: I did. And Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck and the other officers in this castle.
MAN: Traitors!
SER ALLISER: You’re right! We’ve committed treason, all of us. Jon Snow was my Lord Commander. I had no love for him. That was no secret. But I never once disobeyed an order. Loyalty is the foundation on which the Night’s Watch is built. And the Watch means everything to me. I have given my life, we have all given our lives to the Night’s Watch. Jon Snow was going to destroy the Night’s Watch. He let the wildlings through our gates as no Lord Commander has ever done before. He gave them the very land on which they reaved and raped and murdered. Lord Commander Snow did what he thought was right, I’ve no doubt about that. And what he thought was right would have been the end of us. He thrust a terrible choice upon us. And we made it.



SER ALLISER: Ser Davos, we have no cause to fight. We are both anointed knights.
SER DAVOS: Hear that, lads? Nothing to fear.
SER ALLISER: I will grant amnesty to all brothers who throw down their arms before nightfall. And you, Ser Davos, I will allow you to travel south a free man with a fresh horse.
SER DAVOS: And some mutton. I’d like some mutton.
SER DAVOS: I’m not much of a hunter. I’ll need some food if I’m gonna make it south without starving.
SER ALLISER: We’ll give you food. You can bring the Red Woman with you if you like. Or you can leave her here with us, whichever you choose. But surrender by nightfall or this ends with blood.
SER DAVOS: Thank you, Ser Alliser. We’ll discuss amongst ourselves and come back to you with an answer.



SER DAVOS: Boys, I’ve been running from men like that all my life. In my learned opinion, we open that door–
MAN: And they’ll slaughter us all.
MAN: They want to come in, they’re gonna come in.
SER DAVOS: Aye, but we don’t need to make it easy for them.
MAN: Edd is our only chance.
MAN: It’s a sad fucking statement if Dolorous Edd is our only chance.






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