Game of Thrones: Davos and Melisandre

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 02 Home

Ser Davos pleads with Melisandre to attempt to resurrect Jon Snow, reminding her of her previous miracles, swallowing poison and birthing a demon.

MELISANDRE: I met a man who came back from the dead, but the priest who did it– it shouldn’t have been possible.
SER DAVOS: But it was. It could be now.
MELISANDRE: Not for me.
SER DAVOS: Not for you? I saw you drink poison that should have killed you. I saw you give birth to a demon made of shadows.
MELISANDRE: Everything I believed, the great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie. You were right all along. The Lord never spoke to me.
SER DAVOS: Fuck him, then. Fuck all of them. I’m not a devout man, obviously. Seven gods, drowned gods, tree gods, it’s all the same. I’m not asking the Lord of Light for help. I’m asking the woman who showed me that miracles exist.
MELISANDRE: I never had this gift.
SER DAVOS: Have you ever tried?






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