Game of Thrones: In the Iron Islands

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 04 Book of the Stranger

Theon returns to the Iron Islands and reunites with Yara. Yara has not forgiven Theon for not coming with her after her costly assault on the Dreadfort, and accuses Theon of returning to the Iron Islands to take advantage of their father Balon’s death to seize the throne. Theon says he only heard the news after landing and that he will instead support Yara’s claim at the Kingsmoot.

YARA: You heard Father was dead and you thought you’d claim the crown?
THEON: No, no. I only heard he died after we docked.
YARA: You happen to show up on Pyke right before the kingsmoot?
THEON: I didn’t know.
YARA: You think any ironborn wants you to be king after what you’ve done?
THEON: I don’t want to be king.
YARA: What do you want?
THEON: I should have listened to you. You’re the only one–
YARA: That doesn’t matter anymore. Stop crying. Look at me. Tell me what you want.
THEON: You should rule the Iron Islands. Let me help you.







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