Game of Thrones: Jon and Sansa

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 04 Book of the Stranger

After telling each other their stories, Sansa tries to convince Jon to help her retake Winterfell. However, Jon is still reluctant to fight. Frustrated, Sansa declares to Jon that she will take back Winterfell regardless of whether he helps her or not.

SANSA: Where will you go?
JON: Where will we go? If I don’t watch over you, father’s ghost will come back and murder me.
SANSA: Where will we go?
JON: I can’t stay here, not after what happened.
SANSA: There’s only one place we can go. Home.
JON: Should we tell the Boltons to pack up and leave?
SANSA: We’ll take it back from them.
JON: I don’t have an army.
SANSA: How many wildlings did you save?
JON: They didn’t come here to serve me.
SANSA: They owe you their lives. You think they’ll be safe here if Roose Bolton remains Warden of the North?
JON: Sansa.
SANSA: Winterfell is our home. It’s ours and Arya’s and Bran’s and Rickon’s. Wherever they are, it belongs to our family. We have to fight for it.
JON: I’m tired of fighting. It’s all I’ve done since I left home. I’ve killed brothers of the Night’s Watch. I’ve killed wildlings. I’ve killed men that I admire. I hanged a boy younger than Bran. I fought and I lost.
SANSA: If we don’t take back the North, we’ll never be safe. I want you to help me. But I’ll do it myself if I have to.












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