Game of Thrones: Jorah and Daario #2

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 04 Book of the Stranger

Jorah and Daario arrive at a cliff over Vaes Dothrak, where Daario finds out about Jorah’s greyscale infection.

JORAH: When Khal Drogo died, she was supposed to come here and join the Dosh Khaleen, the widows of the dead khals. That’s where they would have taken her, the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen.
DAARIO: What are you doing?
JORAH: It’s forbidden to carry weapons in the sacred city.
DAARIO: Isn’t it forbidden to sneak into their city and steal their khaleesi?
JORAH: If they spot us and we’re unarmed, we’ll say we’re traders heading for the Western Market. But if they see weapons…
DAARIO: You’re asking a dog to hand over his teeth.
JORAH: There’s 100,000 of them down there. We can’t fight our way out. We wait till dark, and then we’ll find her.









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