Game of Thrones: Margaery and Loras

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 04 Book of the Stranger

In King’s Landing, Margaery is brought to meet the High Sparrow, who warns her to stay away from her life of riches and sin, and recounts his past of how, as a proud cobbler, he learned his wealth-guided pursuits were lies and that the shoeless poor were closer to the truth than anyone. He then takes Margaery to see Loras, who is breaking under the Sparrows’ torture, and is willing to do anything to make it stop.

MARGAERY: Loras. Listen to me. You need to stay strong.
LORAS: I can’t stay strong. I never was strong.
MARGAERY: You are strong. You are the future of our house, the future of our family.
LORAS: I don’t care about that.
MARGAERY: Shh! Shh. Have you– have you told them that? That you don’t care?
LORAS: I just want it to stop. Help me.
MARGAERY: They want me to help you. They want me to help tear you down. They want me to help tear you down. That’s why he’s letting me see you. I know it is. And if either of us give in to what they want, then they win.
LORAS: Let them win. Just make it stop. Please.
MARGAERY: All right.











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