Game of Thrones: Brother Ray’s speech

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 07 The Broken Man

At a gathering, a trio of men from the Brotherhood Without Banners arrives and attempts to extort the villagers, but upon finding out that they have no worthwhile possessions, they leave.

BROTHER RAY: I was a soldier once. All my superiors thought I was brave. I wasn’t. I mean, I never ran from a fight. Only because I was afraid my friends would see I was afraid. That’s all I was, a coward. We followed orders no matter the orders. Burn that village. Fine, I’m your arsonist. Steal that farmer’s crops. Good, I’m your thief. Kill those young lads so they won’t take up arms against us. I’m your murderer. I remember once a woman screaming at us, calling us animals as we dragged her son from their hut. But we weren’t animals. Animals are true to their nature and we had betrayed ours. I cut that young boy’s throat myself as his mother screamed and my friends held her back. That night I felt such shame. Shame was so heavy on me, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. All I could do was stare into that dark sky and listen to that mother screaming her son’s name. I’ll hear her screaming the rest of my life. Now, I know I can never bring that lad back. All I can do with time I’ve got left is bring a little goodness into the world. That’s all any of us can do, isn’t it? Never too late to stop robbing people, to stop killing people. Start helping people. It’s never too late to come back. And it’s not about waiting for the gods to answer your prayers. It’s not even about the gods. It’s about you. Learning you have to answer your prayers yourself.






MAN: What are you doing here?
BROTHER RAY: Well, we’re talking about life. You?
MAN: Protecting the people.
BROTHER RAY: Well, we thank you for your protection. Who are you protecting us from?
MAN: Do you have any horses?
BROTHER RAY: No horses. No gold. No steel.
MAN: Food, then. Protecting the people is hungry work.
BROTHER RAY: I’m sure it is. You’re welcome to stay for supper, but we have hungry mouths here.
MAN: Stay safe. The night is dark and full of terrors.




Source text: Wikipedia.


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