Game of Thrones: Yara and Theon

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 07 The Broken Man

Theon and Yara take the Iron Fleet to Volantis to take on supplies. Yara, who is enjoying a Volantene prostitute, tries to encourage Theon to regain his former identity and confidence, as she will need his assistance in retaking the Iron Islands from Euron. Yara then reveals to Theon that she plans to take the Iron Fleet to Meereen and forge an alliance with Daenerys before Euron.

YARA: You escaped. You hear me? You got away and you’re never going back. We’ll get justice for you.
THEON: If I got justice, my burnt body would hang over the gates of Winterfell.
YARA: Fuck justice, then. We’ll get revenge. Drink. Listen to me. If you’re so broken that there’s no coming back, take a knife and cut your wrists. End it. But if you’re staying, Theon, I need you. We’re gonna sail to Meereen. We’re gonna make a pact
with this Dragon Queen. And we’re gonna take back the Iron Islands. Are you with me? Are you really with me?











Source text: Wikipedia.


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