Game of Thrones: Arya is not alone

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 08 No One

Lady Crane returns to her chambers to find a wounded Arya hiding inside, and helps stitch her wounds. She tells Arya that thanks to her warning, she mutilated her would-be killer Bianca’s face before kicking her out of the acting company.

ARYA: You’re good at that. Where did you learn?
LADY CRANE: I’m a jealous woman. I’ve always liked bad men and they’ve always liked me. They’d come home wherever home was that night stinking of some whore’s perfume. So we’d fight and I’d put a hole in them. And then I’d feel terrible, so I’d patch them up. I got good at patching them up.
ARYA: And good at putting holes in them.
LADY CRANE: And that.
ARYA: What happened to the actress? The one who wanted you dead.
LADY CRANE: Bianca. She’ll have a hard time finding work as an actress after what I did to her face.
ARYA: Mmm.
LADY CRANE: I never did learn to cook. But eat. Eat. You need it.










To be continued on the next post.

Source text: Wikipedia.


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