Game of Thrones: Varys leaves, the Masters attack

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 08 No One

With the Red Priests on their side and spreading pro-Daenerys propaganda, Tyrion and Varys see Meereen returning to life. After warning Tyrion not to trust the Red Priests, Varys leaves for Westeros to find more allies and ships.

TYRION: I’m going to miss you.
VARYS: I know.
TYRION: I hope you’re right about this expedition of yours.
VARYS: If I don’t return, you’ll know I was wrong. We need friends in Westeros. And we need ships.
TYRION: Most of all, we need our queen.
VARYS: She’ll come back. She has to. My heart’s been broken too many times already. I’ll walk the rest of the way myself. I can’t go off on a secret mission in the company of the most famous dwarf in the city.
TYRION: Varys. The most famous dwarf in the world.







Tyrion then has a drink with Grey Worm  and Missandei. He then tries to introduce them to humor by trading jokes. As they start having a good time, they are interrupted when a fleet sent by the Masters arrives to attack the city, with Missandei explaining that they come to recover their “property.”

MISSANDEI: The Masters have come for their property.




To be continued on the next post.

Source text: Wikipedia.


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