Game of Thrones: Sam and Gilly arrive at Oldtown

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 The Winds of Winter

Sam and Gilly arrive at Oldtown and report to the Citadel for Sam’s Maester training. Meanwhile, the Citadel releases countless white ravens to signify that winter has officially begun.

SAM: From Lord Commander Snow at Castle Black. I’m– I’m to be the new maester.
MAN: Oh. According to our records, Jeor Mormont is Lord Commander.
SAM: He died.
MAN: We received no report from the maester at Castle Black.
SAM: Maester Aemon became quite ill shortly after the election. He’s since passed away. Which is why I’m here.
MAN: This is irregular.
SAM: Yes, well, I suppose that life is irregular.
MAN: The archmaester will discuss these irregularities with you. In the meantime, you are permitted to use the library. Follow me. No women or children.









Source text: Wikipedia.

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