Game of Thrones: On the Iron Islands

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 02 Home

Balon Greyjoy speaks to Yara about their war against the North. Yara points out that the armies of the North have retaken all of the Ironborn strongholds on the mainland, and pleads with him to end the war. However, Balon refuses and promises to send more troops to stage another invasion of the North. As Balon heads outside, he encounters his brother, Euron Greyjoy, who has come to overthrow him. Balon attempts to stab Euron, who throws him off a bridge to his death. At Balon’s funeral, Yara swears revenge against Balon’s killer, but is reminded by her uncle Aeron, a Drowned Priest, that her position as successor depends on the results of the Kingsmoot.

YARA: We can defeat anyone at sea, but we’ll never hold lands and castles against mainland armies.
BALON: Not if our captains defy my orders, abandon their posts, and sacrifice our men on foolish missions.
YARA: I won’t apologize for trying to rescue Theon.
BALON: Then where is he?
YARA: Where is your kingdom? We took those castles because the northerners marched off to war. That war is over. The last time we provoked them too far, I watched from that window as they breached our walls and knocked down our towers. I lost two brothers that day.
BALON: And I lost three sons. The War of the Five Kings, they call it. Well, the other four are dead. When you rule the Iron Islands, you can wage all the peace you want. But for now, shut your mouth and obey or I will make another heir who will.



BALON: Let me pass. You fool, move aside for your king.
EURON: Haven’t I always, brother?
BALON: I thought you’d be rotting under some foreign sea by now.
EURON: What is dead may never die. Has the custom changed since I’ve been gone? Aren’t you supposed to repeat the words?
BALON: You can mock our god without my help.
EURON: I don’t mock the Drowned God. I am the Drowned God. From Oldtown to Qarth, when men see my sails, they pray. You’re old, brother. You’ve had your time. Now let another rule.
BALON: I heard you lost your mind during a storm on the Jade Sea. They tied you to the mast to keep you from jumping overboard.
EURON: They did.
BALON: And when the storm passed, you cut out their tongues.
EURON: I needed silence.
BALON: What kind of an ironborn loses his senses during a storm?
EURON: I am the storm, brother. The first storm and the last. And you’re in my way.